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The first post is all about using the game My Word Coach on the Nintendo DS.

Being a teacher who uses a lot of technology and integrates technology into the classroom I worry about the level of screen time I expose my students to.  I try to get the kids outside and active as  much as possible.  I do this a lot through geocaching, and in regular physical education classes, but I wanted to challenge the students with an extra project.

My students are going to run a marathon!  I love to run, and generally run about 30 km a week.  I ran my first half marathon in February, and was very proud of running the entire 21km in 2 hours 26 minutes, even in snowy, cold, very icy conditions! 

Over the month of April my students are going to run an accumulated distance of 40.2km, which we will be tracking on our class blog.  To track our distance I am going to have the kids wear my Nike+ Sensor and use a school ipod to connect to.  The last 2km will be part of a community fun run on May 15 where we can celebrate our achievement with everyone.

I love my Nike+!  It tracks my run distance, speed, and gives me a profile of my trek.  The Nike+ website keeps a running total of my overall distances and pace.  I can compete in challenges with other runners, and constantly monitor my progress.  I love it, I even manage to “tech up” running!

I think that using the Nike+ will be very motivating for my students as well. On the day when they get to wear the sensor I’m sure they will run extra hard. I can use the graphs as part of math class and tie in their own personal data into our lessons. I can post the run results and share our progress with the parents and school! I can’t wait!