moose-square1I’m Jen Deyenberg, a Grade 5 teacher. I live in Southern Alberta, Canada.

I love to play with computers, read, swim, geocache, hike, and jog.  Find me on twitter: @jdeyenberg Email me:

I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Education with a specialization in Information Technology Leadership at the University of Lethbridge.

10 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Just wondering if you would allow access to your classroom. I am considering buying the individual moodle room— and I would like to see how it could work in an elementary classroom. Sounds like a wonderful year!


    1. jdeyenberg Says:

      Unfortunately my district moodle site isn’t set up to allow for external guests, and this decision is beyond my control. If you have questions always fell free to tweet (@jdeyenberg) or leave a comment.

  2. Faye Says:

    Love hearing about your adventure- I teach art in Dominica

  3. Dave Blemings Says:

    Glad to see you on line … guess we need to have you as a featured teacher next year at the teacher2teacher eh

  4. Darcie Says:

    I saw your posts and great examples for tips for using the smart notebook software. I would like post these on my school site ( and give credit to you for creating them. Would that be possible?

    1. jdeyenberg Says:

      Absolutely – I write the blog to share and help others, so I’m happy to help anyway I can.

  5. Darcie Says:

    Thanks! I will let you know when they are my site and give you the link to check out.

  6. Ali Says:

    Nominated for best individual tweeter. Congratulations!

  7. Ian Fogarty Says:

    Hi Jenn,
    Congrats on the Mircosoft innovative teacher. I am trying to find a way for students to deomnsstrate their learning in an alternative format. The tough thing with chemistry and physics though is that you need to combine the concrete and mathematical with the abstract and microscopic simultaneously. I am hoping that the creation of a cartoon (MARVIN AVATAR) will help solidify the connections. The creation of the movie will help teach as well as demonstrate learning. However, I need to focus on teaching science, not on learning a piece of software and scripting and creating avatars.
    Did you create your own avatars and what was the learning curve like?
    Hoping you can comment…
    PS. I am from NB. Can you tell me who in your Brazil grop was using Marvin so I can make contact more locally? Thanks

  8. bbednar Says:

    Jen – I’m a school counselor at a small k12 public school in Central Nebraska. I’m helping teachers to use Skype in their classroom. Would you be interested in connecting to our fifth graders sometime soon?
    Bob Bednar, Pleasanton Public Schools
    Skype Name: BobBednar

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