On Friday, March 26 I met with a group of pre-service intern teachers from the University of Lethbridge.  I’ve had an intern teacher in my classroom since Christmas, and it has been a fantastic experience for both myself and my students.

I met with the cohort of pre-service teachers to share some of the ways I use technology in the classroom, focusing on connecting with the world.


Polycomm/traditional VC – This system offers high quality connections and works great within Alberta, but I find it a bit cumbersome.  Sources of information and connections:

Collaborations Around the Planet – Will send daily emails with new opportunities

VC Alberta – A great source of experts, tips, and how to videos (one featuring me…!)

2Learn Regional Network – An Alberta provincial network of VC contacts

Skype – a fast free way of connecting around the world.  Fast becoming the main VC medium in education.

Skype in Schools Wiki – a directory of teacher Skyp contact info from all over the world.

Edublogger – another great list of contacts

Around the World in 80 Classrooms Ning and Blog – Silvia Tolisano’s blog and Ning all about her Around the World with 80 schools project.  she connects classrooms all over the world with Skype.

Skype an Author – Authors that will Skype with your class!

50 Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

A Blog Post about Using Skype in the Classroom packed with ideas and resources (more than this one!)


RSS or Really simple Syndication is a great way to read blogs, news updates, and even sports.  You can bring all of your favourite sites into one place to read them on a daily basis.  It is like a newspaper, but a newspaper you can customize to deliver only the content you want to read.  I use google reader to collect all of my feeds.


Twitter is my best tool to connect with like minded educators.   I can share ideas, ask for help, and get new resources and ideas.  A great list of twitter in education resources. I could talk forever…watch for a new post soon about how I use twitter in the classroom.