For the second time I attended and presented at the Teacher 2 Teacher Conference in Bow Island, Alberta.  I had a fantastic time meeting and connecting with some of my favourite tweeters and bloggers.  I met @dougpete @jameshollis @langwitches @rmbyrne @techchick94 among others!

I found some great new resources and was reintroduced into some I had forgotten about.  Check out these useful sites:

ToonDoo: – a comic creator

Scribblemaps: – Draw all over google maps

Many Eyes: – Data Visualization, graphs, word clouds, very useful!

Magnetic Poetry: – create poetry one word at a time – Create visual CV from content all over the internet – Use it with older students to show them the impact and lasting affects on their choices.

Blabberize: – like Crazy Talk – bring your photos to life, add audio and they will talk!

Screentoaster: – Screen recording – very easy!

Zimmer Twins: – story starters (and endings) in the form of a movie.  Students plan, write and create the end of a story.  Very neat!

Boolify: – teach kids Boolean logic and search techniques

Coverit Live – – a live backchannel, sharing chat you can embed in another site and archive for future use

Bomomo: – a memorizing graphic creation site

The Big Picture: – a great source for lesson starter photos to create discussion and interest

Anagram Generator: – make anagrams to practice vocabulary or put into smart lessons

Awesome Highlighter: – add highlighting and sticky notes to a webpage, it create a new URL that directs to the website with your “additions”  This could be used with Jog the Web to highlight information you want students to focus on in a webquest

Vorbeo: – add a poll to your website, your students will love it!

Lovely Charts: – an online diagramming application, mindmapping, very nice visuals, and very smooth

Lino It: – a lot like wallwisher, but you can add photos to add comments around!

Sharetabs: – create one page with thumbnails of other websites to click on and visit.  Great to compile a list of sites for students to use for research a particular topic