I’ve been working with my grade 6 class on using Prezi.  They love it!  The first class we played with features, inserting pictures, and just getting used to the controls.

Then I had them plan out stories making webs of characters, settings, and plot details (click on the photo to go to the actual Prezi):
We were writing about pirates! Once the plan was in place I had them create their stories, again using Prezi. The zooming presentation tools allowed for their to be more motion when the story was exciting, breaking the story into logical sections, and adding interest by having particular sections highlighted. This is Cassidy’s story, you can click on the image to get to the Prezi – I love her opening – she gets the action going right away!
This is Nick’s story. He has quite the sense of humour!
Prezi added a new level of interest and enthusiasm for story writing!