Geocaching is a fantastic hobby!  It gets you outdoors and takes you to places you may never have found or even knew existed!

You know you are geocaching when:

1) Your arm is stuck in a wall, fishing around in deep dark corners.  (Note: Don’t wear your cream coat while geocaching…)


2) You are staring at the back of signs and under lamp posts in a foreign country. (This one is at the Trevi Fountain)


3) You are being questioned as to why you are loitering in front of a government building by security. (really happened outside of the German Embassy – they had machine guns)


4) You are giving signs, posts, and garbage cans the awkward reach around hug in a piazza full of people. (This one was a great find on the Spanish Steps – muggles everywhere!)


5) You are looking over, under, and around everything! (There is a joke here about looking over the wall for the Scots…I had just visited Hadrian’s Villa!)


6) There is a point when after sticking your hand in all of the strange places you can find when it’s time to give up – that’s the depressing moment. (Fail whale!)fail!

7) Occasionally there is a barrier to progress – wildlife, a big fence, or just a strange phobia (seriously didn’t find the cache because of the peacock…not good with peacocks!)


8 ) You are frantically trying to find something to write with to sign a log –  after 4 dead pens, just get a pencil! (Four pens in two days….there was a plan to steal one from a bank)


9) You’ve carried a doll with neon blue hair to two different continents just to keep a little girl, you’ve never met, happy.  (It’s name is George!)


10) You carry a GPS everywhere – there are caches everywhere! (Even on top of Mt. Vesuvius!)