Today on the Great Roman Adventure I visited Ostia Antica. It is a Ancient Roman port city. It was abandoned when the river changed course, and silted over creating a very well preserved example of Roman life.

The place was wonderful, with hardly anyone there! I especially liked the Amphitheater.

As I wandered around the place I was again struck by inspiration.  There were mosaic floors everywhere.  Most are partial or incomplete.  They would provide a fascinating activity to have the students complete them.

It ties very easily into Art, finishing the mosaic and then using the concept to create their own mosaic. Several of the mosaics provide very interesting insight into Ancient Roman culture and art.

The way I’m going to use the photos is for patterning in Math. Having the students recognize, repair, and recreate a visual pattern leads well into patterning with shapes and numbers. It provides a real world example and context for patterns. I love to use real world examples whenever I can in math, so this is a great way to tie history and math together.

Click on the photos for larger, high resolution versions.