My teacher brain never shuts off…

As I was touring through the Vatican museum yesterday I was struck by these three pieces.

They are interesting mixes of Roman and Egyptian styles and symbols. The contrasts in the pieces and cultural influences demonstrated show a great deal about how cultures start to combine and twist together as nations grow and people start to move between two places.

There are some great lessons here on cultural influence, artistic styles, colonization, as well as Roman and Egyptian religion.

My brain started working overdrive on some neat projects. My main social studies curriculum is based around Canada. My having students select Canadian symbols and digitally fuse them together they could develop a deeper understanding of Canadian identity or history. Creating cultural mash-ups, within a culture would help them deepen their understanding of the culture they are studying.

Hmm…very Neil Stephenson – Cigar Box Project

The God Anubis
1st-2nd century AD
From Anizo – Roman Period
Anubis bears the attributes of Hermes, the god who guided dead souls to the underworld.
Bust of Isis-Sothis-Demetra
From Tivoli, Hadrian’s Villa
131-138 AD
Statue of the Nile
1st century AD
It is actually a crocodile under the foot of the statue