For the past two summers I have spent two weeks instructing teachers on the island of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic – look it up!) .

I’m going back (pending funding, masters program timing, and other “details”) this July for a third session.

Each year as I go I love what I do, but I see an opportunity to make a larger impact and really transform the way technology is approached in Dominica.  Just trying to change the world, no big deal!

My IT Masters course this semester has been all about Professional Development.  I took on the IT for Dominica project to dissect and improve as part of my studies of Instructional Technology Leadership.

I wrote two papers all about the project.

The first is a critique of my last two years in Dominica.  It was hard to reflect on my own choices and mistakes, but a process necessary to move forward.

Critique IT for Dominica Project

The second is a plan for the July 2010 IT for Dominica summer institute.  These are my thoughts and are most likely subject to change after consultation with my yet to be named teaching partner, the head of the project, Dr. Maurice Hollingsworth, and the Ministry of Education in Dominica.

IT for Dominica Professional Growth and Development Proposal

The program focuses on Web 2.0 and building a collaborative teaching and learning network in the Commonwealth of Dominica.  It’s an interesting read if you interested in Web 2.0 or if you are interested in IT in the developing world.

I would love feedback and suggestions.  At this point the assignment is officially submitted, but the institute is months away.  There is a lot of time to make it the best it can possibly be.

There has also been quite a bit of day dreaming about hiking in the rainforest instead of hiding from the snowy Canadian winter and -35 temperatures…