world2 I’m planning a big event on Thursday, January 28.  I’ve been trying to develop a global sense and awareness in my students.  We’ve  been collaborating and connecting with places all over the world all year.  We are limited in the amount we can video conference with other places being in Western Canada.  We can VC with North and South America, but Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa don’t ever line up with our school day.

I love a challenge and a problem to solve. To get around the time zone issues I have arranged a sleep over night at school.  On Thursday, January 28, the students are going to spend the night sleeping over at the school, connecting with the world!

I was inspired by Silvia Tolisano’s Around the World in 80 Classrooms Project.  I want to connect via Video Conference (Skype, Polycomm, I can use a variety of platforms) to classrooms all over the world.

To keep 27 10 year olds entertained and enthusiastic for the evening I’m planning to connect with as many places as possible, all through the night.  They aren’t going to be sleeping much anyway.  We are working on an integrated unit all about the 2010 Olympics in Social Studies and Math.  Connection topics could be all about the Olympics, working in learning about the countries we are meeting with.  I realize not as many countries are as involved in the Winter Olympics as Canada is, but international sport and collaboration is a fairly universal topic.  We would also love to hear stories from other parts of the world.  If  they students could listen to a local story, and be able to share that literature connection it would be very powerful.

We are also going to be tying in some Games Based Learning with Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics, doing some Olympic style sporting events (scooter board bobsled down the hallway!), and I’m trying to arrange to go to the local curling rink for some real curling as a field trip to get us out of the school for a while.

Here is where I need help!  I want to find as many places as I can to connect with, anywhere in the world, our time zone is  suddenly very flexible staying the entire night!  Even if you are close, to be able to map connections near and far, compare time zones, look at latitude and longitude, and learn about everywhere is the goal of build global connections.