I have developed a fantastic network of upper elementary educators.  We VC with our classes, share ideas, and of course work on projects together.

Our latest project is the idea of Zoe Branigan-Pipe, from Hamilton, Ontario.  We work together all the time.  I met Nathan Toft and Jane Smith in Brazil.  After the trip they met Zoe in person in Toronto and commented how much we were alike.  It’s funny how people are drawn to working together.

We built a collaborative Animoto project with three other classes based around the Ben Harper song, “With My Own Two Hands”


Each class listened to the song and created visual representations of what they heard.  My students loved it.  They commented that the felt like listening to the song and working with the lyrics felt like looking at a poem (and light bulb moment!!).  It was their idea to turn the lyrics into a wordle!   We tied it in with Remembrance Day.  It was a great way of starting a discussion on war, remembrance, change, and peace.

We worked with:
Mr. Turner’s Grade 5 Class from Glendale, Arizona
Mrs. Branigan-Pipe’s Grade 5/6 from Hamilton, Ontario
Mr. Poluck’s Grade 5/ from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario