DSC03015When I went into teaching as a career I never thought is would open up the doors and opportunities that it has for me.  I love my job, I love being in the classroom, and I love being with kids.  I’ve again been traveling to exotic places to learn exciting new things and learn from fascinating people. The photos are from the Boiling Lake hike in Dominica.  I hope I can tackle the trail again this summer.  How lucky can I be!?  Maybe it’s not luck, I work very hard and look for ways to improve my own learning and assist others.

The next adventure is always around the corner.  I hope I can instill this spirit in my students.  Not only to be adventurous, but work hard for opportunity.

I teach my students with all of the enthusiasm and positivity I can muster.  I hope that they take this forward with them.

The teachers I collaborate with in my school, across my school division, and in Dominica are fantastic to work with.  I hope they are able to learn as much from me as I do working with them.

Take opportunity where you can get it, don’t be afraid to share and put yourself out there.  Trails are Optional.boiling-lake