We´ve  made it!  After two long flights (10 hours from Toronto to Sao Paulo) we are in Brazil.  It has been fantastic to connect with the other Canadian Innovative Teachers.  I can´t wait to meet educators from all over the world.  Darlene, my project collaborator and traveler, started a voicethread about our travels.  Please comment and contribute.

Our Canadian group also has a blog about our adventures.  http://canadainbrazil.edublogs.org

Our first adventure was in customs at the airport.  We standing around after a 10 hour flight, waiting in line, only to see Twilight stars Tyler Launter and Kristen Stewart in line.  No one was really noticing, but I knew who they were and quietly nudged and poked people to bring it to their attention. I got a lot of who are they?! Not the 15 year old girl crowd apparently.

Jodi was brave enough to ask for an autograph and Darlene snapped this photo:


Everyone was very calm and collected in the customs area and the baggage claim area, but once they stepped out into the main waiting area there was a crowd of screaming girls mobbing them.I was just trying to get out of the way!

Darlene started a voicethread about our travels. Please comment and contribute.

We arrived to a lovely hotel and used the time to get to know everyone and their projects a bit better. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.