One week from today I head to Brazil to attend the Microsoft Innovative Educators Teachers Forum in Salvador, Brazil.  My colleague Darlene, and I, will be presenting on our Marvin 3D animation, digital storytelling project.  Check out the project details here.  The Canadian delegation has their own blog detailing their journeys and excitement here.

I am finally letting the excitement get to me as it is only a week away.  I can’t wait to journey to the southern hemisphere and try out the GPS with an S on the screen.  We have a day layover in Sao Paulo and I’m planning on taking Darlene on her first geocaching expedition.  I’m going to take a few travel bugs with me to the south for my students to track. 

At the forum itself we are presenting and getting the opportunity to network and build connections with innovative teachers from around the planet.  We will be collaborating and building global projects to enhance the learning of our students.    I can’t wait to learn and be inspired by amazing teachers from all over the planet! 

My students are going to miss me, or at least I hope they will, but I am going to Skype back with them, blog, and leave comments on their blogs.  I want to model how technology can keep people connected, even across continents. 

Brazil, here I come!