My students have been immersed in the world of blogging for a month.  They are absolutely loving it! I’ve posted previously about why I started blogging and how I am going through the process of blogging with my students.  Now that I’ve been at it for a while with my students I wanted to share some of the upsides my students and I have experienced.

1) Word Processing Skills – blogging gives students an authentic platform to practice word processing skills.  Students always learn better in a real world context.  When I teach about putting two spaces after a period or how to run a post through the spell check function just using word, it doesn’t have the same effect as checking over a post that is going to be published on the internet and viewed openly.  When given an audience students have much more of a drive to learn necessary word processing skills.

2) Global Ties – our blogs have opened up the world.  In just a month we’ve received comments from all over the world.  I can tie in geography by mapping our connections and using the clustermap to see where we have had visitors from.

3) Multimedia – our blog is a great place to collect all of our class artifacts.  We post our podcasts, animoto videos, and photos.  The kids can go back to view them at any time and can easily share them with family and friends.

4) Writing – one of my students commented today – “I love blogging, but I don’t like writing.”  Hmm…you’re writing!!  The students are able to share their viewpoint and find their voice.  They are able to express themselves and share in a journal like format, but one they find much more engaging!

5) Typing Skills – My 10 year olds are struggling with typing.   Many are afraid to try to use two hands and are sticking with the “hunt and peck” method.  It is something we will keeping working on.  Blogging is giving them a reason to want to improve their typing skills.  They want to get more into their posts in the limited time we have, it’s great motivation!

Any other upsides of blogging with students that you have experienced? Please comment and share!

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