What have I done?

I’ve created a groups of kids that rolls their eyes if I pull out a worksheet.  Ok, so I roll my eyes when I pull out a worksheet.  Generally that worksheet is tied to a project with technology.  My two worksheets of the week were to build a timeline we later created on word, and a page of notes we made mind maps out of.

They expect to connect with the world everyday.  They blog with students all over the world and want to share everything they learn.  We Skype and Videoconference with classes from anywhere with timezones that match up with ours. They want to make a podcast instead of writing notes. I love it!

We are working on building wikis, communicating with other classes using Edmodo and Onenote liveshares, posting to forums on Moodle,  and using GPS to find ourselves and follow travel bugs all over the world. The map shows all of our global connections so far, and it`s only been a month, I will keep adding to it! Zoom out to see the whole world!

Red – Travel Bug Stops
Yellow – Wiki Collaborators (More to Come Very soon!)
Light Blue – Marvin Moodle Collaborators
Blue – Blog Partners
Pink – Video Conferences
Green – Travel Bug Sharing

I had to start a spreadsheet of all of my projects to try and keep everything straight.  I’m completely rewriting my year plans to match the new way I’m approaching teaching.  My entire teaching world is shifting.  Three years ago I taught in a traditional school.  I loved teaching there, but now that I’ve met, collaborated with, and learned from some amazing people my world is expanding.  This is expanding the world of my students.

I’m working away on a master’s program in Instructional Technology Leadership.  This program has led me to challenge the way I look at not only technology, but leadership, and where I want to go with my career.  My Personal Learning Network (PLN) on twitter have been an unending source of inspiration, ideas, collaboration opportunities, and resources.  I read blogs, listen to podcasts, and network with some of the best minds in technology education.  These influences are changing me, my classroom, and my world.

Bring on October!!