When preparing lessons using Smart notebook, one of the great features you can incorporate is the ability to hide content and have it “appear” at an opportune moment.

The list below are your options to hide and reveal content in your lessons:

1) Flash Based Pull Tabs – In the new LAT 2.0 the pull tabs can be “pinned” to a location.   After you pull them out, you hit the arrow and they will hide again automatically.  Pull tabs in the LAT 2.0 can be pulled from the left, right, top, or bottom of the screen.  They can also be pulled out from behind other objects.  Very flexible and useful!   The tabs come in all sorts of colours to match your lesson design.
Reveal - pull tab
2)Simple Pull Tabs – The flash based pull tabs are great, and easy to use, but they have limitations.  The graphic based pull tabs are more flexible.  You can group an image, text, or a shape to the graphic tab and pull out the tab to reveal the attached content.  Using image transparency you can have a complete overlay attached to a tab and pull it across to fill in answers, add colour, or enhance details.
reveal simple tab
3) Question Flipper – Text/Image – a simple tile that, when pressed, flips over to reveal text or a photo.
reveal flipper
4) Balloon Pop – click on the balloon to reveal text, graphics, or photos underneath. Great for very young kids!
Reveal balloon
5) Question Tool – click on the box to have text appear/disappear in the box.
reveal note
6) Information Button/Note Reveal – Click on the Question mark to reveal information!   A nice reveal tool to use with old and young students alike.   The information button has a larger box to type in.  The note reveal is for shorter chunks of information and can appear to the left or to the right.
Reveal info button
7) Click and Reveal Shapes – click on the shape to reveal text, graphics, or photos underneath.  The shape can be a square, star, circle, rectangle, or triangle.
Reveal square