P1000407I don’t even remember the first time I saw a smartboard – it may have been student teaching in Edmonton, or it may have been in my undergrad days at U of A.  Today I introduced a new set of teachers to the wonder of the interactive white board.  Dominica is still a developing country, but they are working hard to improve their country.  Education is a main focus for improvement, espeically improving skills with IT.  When I walked into my classroom at the Dominica Grammar School this morning a smartboard was not what I expected to see, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I immediately turned it on and pulled up my work.  The people standing around me were entralled as I adjusted settings, oriented the board, and organized the floating toolbar just how I like it.  I think this is when they started to realize what they had.  The board had just been installed and no one had even used it yet, the markers were still in a plastic bag.  As the teachers trickled in and started to see me magically flip between windows just by touching a screen, they stared!  The internet choose this opportune moment to go down so I started to show the smartboard tools.  The excitement over making a triangle, recording a math problem, or just writing and erasing your name was contageous.  The teachers before me started to see the possibilites the board held in the classroom and I have only showed them a few simple tricks – just wait until I dig into smart notebook and show them my jeopardy game, or flash files.