mapThe IT for Dominica project is a one man show – Dr. Maurice Hollingsworth, who is trying to help the people of Dominica.  It started ten years ago with old computers from schools around Lethbridge going down to Dominica.  Several shipments of machines when down and were installed, and to support the new computers on the island a program of professional development was started.  Today machines aren’t sent down to Dominica anymore, as they have alternate sources of funding, but two teachers still go down every summer to run a summer institute on how to integrate and use technology.  The program is funded largely through the provincial Alberta Teacher’s Association and the Palliser Local 19 of the ATA.   It’s teaching helping teachers make education better through the use of technology.  I’ve personally been involved in the project for two years.  I spent two amazing weeks teaching IT, focusing on web 2.0, last summer.  I just arrived in Dominica today and I begin two more weeks tomorrow.  We are supposed to have 43 students, I’m very excited to get going, and to see more of this beautiful island.  Now I’m in Dominica – not the Dominican Republic – common mistake.  It is further south, in the Windward Island chain – about 15 degrees N.  It is hurricane season and currently we are being hit by a tropical wave and there are two not so nice looking systems churning away in the Atlantic.

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