I’m presenting to my staff a quick tech corner at the regular staff meeting, my topic this week is 5 cool tricks on the Smartboard.

There are many cool tools, techniques, and resources.  I’m selecting 5 tools which I use all the time to highlight.

dual page
1) Dual Page Display and Pinning – you can easily toggle between dual and single page display with the dual page button on the toolbar. When in Dual Page mode you can pin one page. The pinned page will stay and you can change the other page with the arrows or slide sorter.
2) Customizable Interactive Flash Files – The Lesson Activity Toolkit is full of interactive flash files that you can easily edit and modify to create custom activities.
3) Linking – Linking to files, websites, other sides.  Use the attachment tabe to link to audio, video, Ms Office, or other Smart notebook files.
Use the insert link function to link to the files in the attachments tab, to webpages, or to other slides in the same notebook file.
4) Customize Your Toolbar  – By right clicking on the toolbar in Smart, it opens up a window that allows you to drag icons on and off the toolbar to customize it to your own wishes.
5) Using and Updating the Gallery -The gallery tab allows you to search for content to insert into notebook files.
wrenchYou can keep the gallery up to date using the wrench tool.  Click on the wrench and choose Check for updates to download the new Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 and other recent updates.