On a bit of a whim this week, after listening to a podcast made by Zoe Branigan- Pipe’s class that was dedicated to our class, I thought I should try my hand at creating a podcast.

Luckily I attended a PD day on how to create a podcast with our tech dude, Todd.  He had great advice about putting in time at the front end in preparation, and about how to format a podcast.   I hope I followed his advice closely enough to have done alright at my first attempts.

I used the open source program audacity to record and edit the podcasts.  The program is very easy to use, I had no problem importing audio, making things quieter, editing out the ums and ahhs, as well as some of the kids silliness.  I left in some of the more inspired silliness to give it some personality.  I have a very fun, very bright, but very energetic bunch of students this year and recording podcasts was the perfect Friday afternoon activity.

The music was fun, quite a family affair.  An original composition was created and recorded on the electric guitar, using the program riffworks.  I imported the music as a wav file and did some editing to make it work.

The title of the podcast – Are You Smarter Than Ms. Deyenberg’s 5th Graders was all the kids – I can take no credit in that title!

Episode 1 is dedicated to Mrs. Dansdill’s Class from Lake St. Louis.  Episode 2 is dedicated to Mrs. Branigan-Pipe’s class from Hamilton.  We met both classes using video conferencing technology as part of our Canadian Identity Unit.  We are trying to learn more about what it means to be Canadian by talking to other Canadians, and people from other countries to discover what is the same, and what is different.

You can check out the Podcasts by visiting the Dorothy Dalgliesh School Website.

The next step is getting the students to start using Audacity to import audio and play around with ordering tracks, trimming, and varying sound levels.  Then I am going to get them to write three minute speeches in Language Arts class and we are going to record and edit them using Audacity.  Watch for the results!