I started with a wiki last year.  It was very simple – each student had a wetland plant or animal they had to add information on.  I uploaded some photos and the students added a few more after a field trip to a wetland and viola – we had a wiki.  It wasn’t bad – it wasn’t great, but this year I want to do better.

I’ve connected, through the help of the tech department, with two wonderfully creative and innovative teachers.  We are creating a wiki for our students to collaborate and write stories together.  It based on ideas from the book Fortunately by Remy Charlip.  Ned goes through an adventure following a format of one page being an unfortunately, the next being a fortunately.  Our students’ stories are going to follow the same format, in groups of three, each student in a different school.  We’ve got most of the story starters written, and we are creating an example story Teacher, Teacher, collaborating with each other.  We’ve added Vokis, photos, and even Xtranormal animations.  The students start writing on Monday,  watch for updates on how it goes.

You can follow the progress of our collaborative story writing wiki – Fortunately, Unfortunately.  Again I’m inspired but those around me, and by the amazing things teachers are doing in their classrooms – thank-you to Darlene, Shelley, and Todd for letting me be part of the project and sharing all of your ideas with me.

As for the wetlands wiki from last year, I’m planning on using Glogster to have each student create an interactive poster for their assigned plant or animal.  I’m hoping this will make the students more engaged in their learning and I’m hoping they will build greater understanding by building a glog on the wiki site and by exploring the glogs of others created in the class.