As I venture into blogging my trials and tribulations of teaching with technology, I would like to reflect back on my first seven years of teaching and how my use of technology has evolved.

My first two years of teaching, as most teachers experience, was all about survival.  I was teaching in a back to the basics charter school and technology was not a huge focus.  I used powerpoint to teach ONE lesson on the Three Gorges Dam in China.  I had to search out and dust off the digital projector and move my old grey desktop half way across the room and stretch cables in spiderwebs to make it work, but it did!  My first tech project was using microsoft word to create a travel brochure with photos and text.  It was a successful first endeavour, everyone has to start somewhere.

My third year of teaching was when my inner tech dork really started to reveal itself again.  I had worked designing websites in high school and even created the school  year book using only digital media, in 1998, but I had let my passion for technology hide as I taught my first few years.  I looked at my grade 6 unit on local government and decided I wanted to find a way to make it more interesting and exciting.  I remembered a game I played as a kid – and just loved – SimCity.  My younger sister is a civil engineering specializing in city planning.  She was a SimCity fanatic and had a copy of SimCity 3000 to try.  I don’t think I ever returned it….